Saturday, April 23, 2011


One day, i got lucky to win the first prize at the quiz "RANKING 1" that held on Trans TV. Hem, this is not the first time im winning something. Before this, i have won lotte bubble gum quiz and got a red lunch bag when i was kid. When me at the second grade of senior high school, i won a photo hunting competition (i was selected for the 1st winner) that held by Labschool Kebayoran and got 1 million rupiahs. I dont think that was a very big deal, i just feel that i somehow get lucky, effortlessly. I survived from a car accident twice. I got back my cool green crocodile skin wallet that had been stolen at the deborah bus. I got a job without me giving any cv. I know im a lucky bastard. I feel so very thankful and grateful of what happened to me, whether its good or bad. I think everyone has its own lucky version on his/her life. I know God design and make our life balance. When you lack on something, you have another thing to cover those and we gotta be proud of it. Oui, c'est la vie (yes, it is life) if i have to take one of the song title from laruku :p Wow, writing this makes me look and think at the bright side that i always used to be before. That's good.

Back to the ranking 1 quiz, I have to admit that my look on the television was far away from the word 'a natural beauty' and it has been broadcasting nationally at April the 6th!! haha WTF. But anyway, i won 5 million rupiahs. Yeay to that. Here are some snapshots i took.

p.s: well, i wish you all a nice luck.. im hoping for mine now to do the thesis, fukc -__-

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Thank God i could see the band that i really like to be performed on March 26th!!!!!! (although it cost me money)


and there was another one

The Whitest Boy Alive


Monday, March 21, 2011

COMING SOON: Sunday Coffee Ride Goes to Kopitiam Oey (KTO) Tebet

Sunday Coffee Ride Event Poster

Have you ever been to Kopitiam Oey? Have you ever been taste the food and beverages in KTO? Well, i’ve been there and i’ve tasted some of them and so far sooooo heavenly great. Believe me, i ain’t joking around. What’s the best word for KTO’s f&b? Delicious? Yummy? Delightful? Heemm, think it's Maknyuss, since the owner is
Bondan Winarno, the famous host from “Wisata Kuliner” at one of tv station in Indonesia :D

Bike to Work (B2W) Community collaborated with Kopi Tiam Oey, Tebet branch planning to hold an event called "Sunday Coffee Ride" on March 27th, 2011. If you wanna try some of the menus that Kopitiam can offer you to like Roti Taloea Bukittinggi or Sego Ireng (pick one menu) and singkong sambal Roa as a complimentary. For the drink, there are hot/cold djahe merah/beras kentjoer/ koenjit or ijs kopi soesoe indotjina (pick one drink). Beside that, you can get a free mentari (indosat) t-shirt and a pack of starter kit from Indosat that contain one pin, 4 small stickers/ 2 big stickers, and a bike tag.
Here the sneak peek menus :)


roti taloea boekittinggi

sego ireng

singkong sambal roa

hey, i also try this.

risol kedjoe (with smoked beef inside)

ijs tjingtjao djahe tjikini

Friday, March 18, 2011


Bicycle Privilege Card ad design (half page) at SWA magazine, March 2011 edition

Hello cyclist people in Indonesia,
As a program officer to the card, I shall introduce you to this Bicycle Privilege Card (BPC). It's a membership card from Bike to Work Community collaborated with Sodexo Motivation Solutions and Avrist Insurance which aims to give more benefits to its card holder, especially for you cyclist people on national scale. The benefits that we can get are:

1. Insurance protection from cycling accident with a total sum assured Rp. 5.000.000,- (five millions rupiahs) which cause death or permanent disability, and reimbursement for hospital care because of accident while riding a bike with total amount Rp. 500.000,- (five hundred thousands rupiahs) accumulated in a year or the validity of Bicycle Privilege Card. The insurance coverage that mentioned before is BASIC and you can top up after registering your self to it.

2. Special discounts at selected merchants like bicycle stores and reparation stores, cafe and restaurants, hotels, etc whose numbers will continue to increase.

3. Point rewards program that can exchange into prizes, and there's so much more benefit that this card can offer you.

The fee to grab this Bicycle Privilege Card is only Rp 75.000,- (Seventy five thousands rupiahs) per member for a year. It's an affordable price for a beneficial product like BPC. For more info in Indonesian language, click here. If you wanna registering to this card, click here. If you have questions that pop up in your mind about this card, please kindly send an email to

So please register your self to get this card, like now :D